Walk the Plank Adventures – Key West Tour Co.

Key West is known to be one of the most favorite travel destinations of the people not just in the US, but across the globe. Key West Florida beach is renowned and a fun beaches in the area. Adventures in Key West are plenty as one can enjoy a plethora of activities on the best beach in FL keys such as snorkeling excursions, kayaking tours, sailing, fishing, etc.

Key West Tour Co. is one of the sought-after and known companies in the Key West for offering a great experience to visitors across especially on the best beach in the keys. One of the biggest USPs of the Key West Tour Co. is captain ‘Dane Karcher’.


About Dane Karcher

Dane Karcher, is a free diver expert who is a native Floridian, and he grew up in the Gulf beaches, and since his childhood, he was busy diving, fishing, surfing, etc. From a very early age, he got his fascination for boating and fishing. He is a renowned professional athlete in the free dive sport fishing.

He has led many teams, and tourists have given excellent reviews for him. There were a few who said that Dane has known the backcountry so well and loved his professionalism throughout. He has over 30 years of boating experience and has master the art like a pro.

When it comes to enjoying the water sports in the keys, there is nobody who could help the way Dane can!